Atlanta Music News Clips, Nov. 2012


There's always something of interest going on in Atlanta's busy music scene. We've gathered headlines from some of the more interesting music news stories this month. Be sure to click through to read the whole story on each piece!



Overheard in the ladies room near the end of the Madonna show: “She used to be good. Now she’s just so…weird.”

That one of the most polarizing figures in pop music history is being classified as unconventional is hardly news. Madonna became Madonna not because of her limited vocal ability or creative dance moves – she did it based on an unparalleled ability to provoke, a shrewd business mind and smart songwriting collaborations that helped her create dozens of ageless pop nuggets….More at Madonna flaunts her assets at Philips Arena | Atlanta Music Scene




The room at Coan Middle School seems to expand and shiver with the booming sound, as Asia Latimore moves the bow across the strings of her bass violin.

“Now what went wrong there?” asks her teacher, Katie Algarra. “You had the right fingering but the wrong string.”

Asia, 14, corrects her left hand, and as the sound improves, the Coan eighth-grader, who is not as tall as her instrument, smiles with the achievement….More at Atlanta Music Project gains steam – Atlanta Journal Constitution



As more and more schools slash music programs along with their budget, a group of local teen musicians who call themselves Anonymous aren't letting the music die.

If you closed your eyes and just listened, you'd think the smooth sounds flowing from the instruments were being played by seasoned professionals.

“I'd say it's like a funk and a pop. Because we bring like a popular edge to our music, even though we take older songs, we play them to young groups,” said North Atlanta High School student Maxwell Estis….More at Teen band plays for music education – MyFox Atlanta


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